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be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances  "Art of War" by SunTzu







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website will cease to exist after August 31, 2018.


I'm looking for a new provider where I'm going to

share my knowledge, methods & prediction





Most countries in the world have

various lotteries and earn big money

on their players


The rules of the lottery based on games of chance such

as keno - draws the 20 balls from 80

- and the player own numbers are from 1 to 10 

or draws the 6 numbers of 49 balls in lotto game, etc

Also in Poland, where I come from similar games,

the Polish keno game (called multi multi) 

& lotto game 6 numbers of 49 balls e.t.c.


Try Your Prediction in some

of the best known

Lotteries in the World


Just pick numbers

then click one of the banner below

& join...






Try to choose

the most profitable lottery!!!


For example


Lottery 49's


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with Double hit


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All information about this Lottery,

my methods, prediction, systems

on the website

Lottery 49's


And on facebook here:




What are the other interesting

lotteries with possible good profit?


In my opinion it could be...


New York Lottery

The paytable looks like this:

new york lottery profit


How to read a table?

We play on a 1 number of the ball of the six

numbers drawn - no additional Bonus

Ball - if we bet on the game such as  €1x 9 = €9

(when playing with BB €1 x 8 = €8)

We play on 2 numbers of the ball of the six

numbers drawn - no additional Bonus

Ball - if  we bet on the game such as  €1 x 101 = €101

(when playing with BB €1 x 71 = €71)

We play on 5 numbers of the ball of the six

numbers drawn - no additional Bonus Ball

- if  we bet on the game such as  €1 x 250001 = €250001

(when playing with BB €1 x 100001 = €100001)



Germany Lotto 6aus49


germany lotto  profit





LaPrimitiva -Spanish

la primitiva lottery profit



Where we can play




Betfred bookmaker offering betting

the outside bets ( for 1 number, 2 numbers,

3, 4 or 5 numbers of the ball) on lotteries

from different countries - UK 49's, Irish,

German, Spanish, Canadian, Australian

and New York Lottery

& even Polish Lotto



How to predict numbers???


In some articles


I present my own






1. Simplest methods of prediction numbers 

- simple techniques for predicting the numbers

in any Lottery but very effective

2. Prediction 1 number of the ball

based method I use to predict the best

- surest numbers

3.Lesson of prediction numbers -  Classic methods

of prediction - lesson 1

4. Never be o loser - how to lose and never be a loser

- my own strategy of winnings, investing

and loosing with special insurance




Of course all my methods need time,

knowledge e.t.c.


Then, I have for You another option

The software "Keniox"


It is the solution

- an excellent program

for the analysis of numbers


Increase your odds and never play blind again!


With our lottery assistant Keniox you get:

comprehensive 'how to play' description

based on real examples, real draws,

dates and numbers.


All with a clear and unambiguous step-by-step

numbers Wizard.


(for further information click on the banner below)




Predict Lotteries with KENIOX 

UK 49's, Thunderball, All or Nothing

EUROPE - Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot,

IRISH Lotto, GERMANY - Lotto,

SPAIN - La Primitiva, El Gordo,


FRANCE - Loto,

USA - New York - Lotto,

Mega Millions, Powerball,


and many more... 


How to predict

using a software KENIOX ?


Read about it in my article

KENIOX - method of prediction



My Polish website where I present mostly methods

of predictions, startegies & picks to Polish Lottery

Games as: Lotto, Multi Multi, Ekstra Pensja, Mini Lotto


Some of the winnings in Polish lotteries


polish lotto profit



polish lotto winnings


polish ekstra pensja win


polish multi multi winnings


If in your Country you have problems

sending money and receiving  payments

Here is the solution for you !!!


Secure deposits and withdrawals in online gambling

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My other not lottery websites:


1. Bet-Secret - how to bet in sport,

my methods, techniques and picks


2. Supertoto - how to win in the game Supertoto 

up to €50000 or even €100.000 with my methods,

techniques and picks - the predictions are most

often selected by all tipsters which are play

the game


3. Roulette - unconventional methods in Roulette








Gambling should always be an enjoyable leisure activity

 It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble

Please read  about  RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING

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